15 Style Tips That Every Girl Should Know!

Two weeks ago, I challenged myself to come up with a tagline for The Style File.  It didn’t take long:

Let's frolic though the garden!-2

This has been my philosophy for decades.  Yes, I’m guilty of spending on the occasional luxury item, but it’s always something I LOVE and never just for the logo.  At the same time, the majority of my wardrobe is made up of lower cost brands, from Target to H&M and everything in between.

I thought I’d share my “Top 15 Tips” for creating your most wearable wardrobe, with a few links to some items mentioned.  These are mantras that I have personally lived by for many years now.


  1. Buy jeans slightly smaller than your size. They will stretch to a perfect fit.
  2. Keep your classic pieces updated by incorporating inexpensive trends that compliment your body shape and lifestyle.
  3. Great fits need great tailors. Whether it’s nipping the waist of that sheath dress or hemming your pants to a certain shoe, a small tweak makes a HUGE difference.
  4. Dress for your shape. Choose the right pieces to downplay your most “challenging” areas. Show off what you’re proud of, but keep it classy!
  5. The best way to hide belly bulge is with the right bra. Don’t be afraid to wear a padded bra. This helps prevent your pieces from “clinging” to your midsection.
  6. Everyone needs a collared white button-down. Whether it’s tucked, untucked, tied in front, collared up, sleeves rolled…. you ALWAYS look put together in a crisp, white shirt.
  7. If you know a silhouette works with your body shape, stick with it! You can always find a way to keep the outfit current by changing out the pieces or accessories around it.
  8. The single most (bare) leg-flattering shoe is a nude pump. Not a heel kind of gal?  Opt for a basic nude flat with a little bit of point for your longest leg.
  9. Classic and edgy balance each other beautifully. Wearing a skin-tight leather skirt?  Choose a feminine, modest top.  Outfit feeling a bit stuffy and boring?  Throw some leopard or snakeskin into the mix.
  10. Choose one amazingly bold accessory and keep everything else minimal. Let that item steal the show!
  11. Structured layers like blazers and more casual jackets (like cargo/safari designs) instantly “polish up” a simple pair of jeans.
  12. “Curvy” in the thigh area? Pencil jeans can be tough to wear.  Choose straight, flared or wider leg jeans for your most flattering fit.
  13. Who is on your “best dressed” list? Be sure to follow them on Instagram or Pinterest, save your favorite looks, and steal shamelessly!  I do it ALL the time (and FYI, my current obsession is Victoria Beckham)!
  14. Solid, light-colored tees and performance fabrics always show more bulges than their dark-colored counterparts. Stick with navy, black or small dark prints to help conceal those problem areas.
  15. It’s better to have a few outfits that ALWAYS look fabulous on you, versus an expansive wardrobe with lots of “so-so” looks.

Hopefully these golden nuggets help you to create YOUR best wardrobe!  And remember… whether it’s Forever 21 or Ferragamo, it’s all about HOW your wear it.

XOXO, Ally



4 Replies to “15 Style Tips That Every Girl Should Know!”

  1. Ally-
    Always love your recommendations. I just bought the pumps and white shirt after dropping the kids off at school while going through the car wash! Thanks,


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