Allison Meyers

IMG_2977I left my career as an engineer over a decade ago, moved to Saratoga Springs, NY, and started a small wardrobe consulting business to help professional women build their perfect wardrobes.  Many, many hours were spent preparing for workshops, shopping for clients, curating closets and writing articles.  These are hours that I simply did not have once that first baby boy came into my life.  Fast forward 10 years and multiply that by four.

I’ve had the opportunity to write a few style-focused pieces over the last several years, reminding me just how much I enjoy sharing my favorite finds, inspiring looks, and styling tips.  I’m creating this blog as a way to continue to share my love for great style while focusing most of my time on these four amazing little boys.

My style philosophy is simple.  Stock your closet with staples that are a great fit for your body and lifestyle.  Don’t be afraid to spend on an item you’ll wear for years.  Keep your wardrobe current through lower-cost trends.  Don’t get hung up on labels.  Whether it’s Forever 21 or Ferragamo, it’s all about HOW you wear it.

I hope something stylish inspires you, and you file it away in your closet.

XOXO, Ally