The Art of Stacking

Years ago I had an epiphany. I realized that several stacked or super chunky bangles looked WAY better on me than those little delicate things. I guess it’s because I’ve always been a rather substantial girl (mom called it “big-boned”). From a young age, I always felt that small chains or bangles seemed disproportionately small on my body. So I started layering, and layering. Fast forward 20 years, and these layered or “stacked” bracelets have become part of what I would consider my signature look. The best part?  Anyone can do it, at any price point, with any material. Just pick a theme, and start building.

Here are the stacks that you’ll just about ALWAYS see on my wrist. The details are included with links to help you achieve a similar look.


This is probably my favorite look, worn year-round.  I’ve taken one of the many leather bands I purchased from a street vendor in Barcelona, paired it with some wooden beaded elastics I’ve had for YEARS from Kohl’s, a gold vintage Tiffany & Co. watch, bronze metal chain link bracelets from H&M, and the Hermès Behapi leather strap.



There are many ETSY vendors that have beautiful leather wrap bracelets, like this one from Asenath Designs .  I also love the color scheme of these affordable wooden beads from Love Beach Days, also available through Esty. I like the simplicity of this Michael Kors Pyper Gold-tone watch and this Shinola, with it’s gorgeous brown leather, would be perfect in this stack.  The Hermès Behapi Double Tour wrap is still available and comes in various lengths, colors and hardware options.


For this look, I combine a chunky interlocking silver bracelet with some hardware-inspired bangles (both cheapies purchased years ago). They are usually paired with this black leather strap, the hubby’s TAG Heuer casual watch, and a leather jacket.



These  J.Crew double stretch bracelets, offered in three tones, are almost identical to the one shown. TAG Heuer Formula 1 designs have hardly changed in these past two decades and are still available in a variety of sporty looks. I love the edgy look of this black leather Alexander McQueen strap from Nordstrom. Banana Republic has collaborated with Giles & Bros. and launched a super cool line of jewelry, including this Railroad Spike Cuff, which would fit quite perfectly in this stack.


If any of you have walked into an Hermés store, you’ll understand that it’s hard to pick just one bracelet from their enamel collection. The display is truly a work of art, and usually grouped by color story. I thought long and hard about what color I would wear most, and ultimately chose these turquoise designs with gold trim.



Pick a color, and collect! I chose enamel, but you can do it with beads, wooden bangles, wovens… whatever you like! The Hermés Enamel collection includes so many gorgeous colors and designs that never go out of style! Neiman Marcus carries a great variety of Tory Burch enamel bracelets in a variety of widths and colors. These art-inspired enamel bracelets from Erwin Pearl are gorgeous, and I can completely envision stacking these affordable preppy designs by Fornash during the spring and summer months!


This is my “fancy” cocktail party look, often worn around the holiday season. I love pairing blingy sparkles, like this chunky crystal bracelet (drawing a blank where it’s from) with this vintage long pearl necklace that I wear as a bracelet. I usually combine them with these interlocking crystal bangles that I picked up at Off-Saks and this diamond pave Michele watch.



I love the vintage look of a multi-strand pearl bracelet with diamond clasp, like this one from Ross-Simon. Here is a great basic long faux pearl necklace that can be wrapped (like mine above) from Nadri. Michele has a variety of great watches, with or without the sparkle. MVMT has reasonably priced fashion watches with clean lines that can be dressed up or down, like the rose-gold Hermosa. This Nadri Filigree Bracelet is the perfect width to add just a bit of sparkle to your stack, or add a bit more with their Micro Pave Bangle.

Want to “stack” locally? Pop into Lifestyles of Saratoga and let them help you build the perfect boho stack with their fabulous leather and beaded wrap designs. Check out Lola of Saratoga and walk out with a party-ready stack that includes sparkle, enamel, and a fabulously stylish smart watch band!

Lastly, don’t forget to think “out of the box”… out of your OWN jewelry box, that is. I hope that these looks give you the inspiration to brush the dust off of those bangles you haven’t touched in years and try something new!

XOXO, Ally







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