The Duck Boot: A Northeast Essential

IMG_4452I never thought I’d say that there was something considered stylish in the 1980’s that is equally as stylish in 2018.  The duck boot is what comes to mind.  Not only is it a prep cult classic but I consider this boot an absolute essential in the cold, slushy mess that upstate New York brings in winter.  It’s also an investment that can comfortably be worn in three of our four seasons.  As a mother of young children who walk to school daily, I consider these the most utilized shoes in my wardrobe.

What used to be a basic design made famous by L.L.Bean has transformed into a boot with a variety of cold-weather liners, colors, designs and heights.  Here are a few of my favorites this season, with links below photos:

The first one is by Bass and Co. from their factory outlet.  I love this combination of hunter green base, herringbone liner and great price.  The second boot shown is by Kamik.  I’m sure it won’t be the last piece of fashion made famous by the “royal-to-be” Meghan Markle (as spotted on her way back from the yoga studio).  Kamik has several quilted designs as well as a variety of more heavy-duty snow boots.  The third boot shown here is by Sperry.  As they did with their classic top-sider, Sperry spruced things up by introducing some more fashion-forward designs, including this breton stripe, wool ombres and very cool artistic prints.  The last boot shown is my IMG_4475favorite LL. Bean classic duck boot, originally called the “Maine Hunting Shoe”. This one has a shearling lining and taller 10″ shaft, which I prefer.  Although I love the monochromatic brown, L.L.Bean offers the best variety of warmth levels and shaft heights in varying colors.  Considering their quality and lifetime warranty, you just can’t go wrong investing in the classic “Bean Boot”!

PS … a ragg wool sock peeking out the top with the “old school prep” method of tying is the perfect way to complete the look!

Happy duck hunting in Maine… or not!








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