You’ve Gotta Start Somewhere.

cropped-typewriter.jpgThirteen years ago, after almost a decade as a chemical engineer at a Fortune 500 company, I did the unthinkable and left corporate America to become a stylist for local professional women.  Through shopping assistance, speaking engagements and writing for local publications, I always enjoyed giving women style advice that resulted in a little extra “spring” in their step.  As is life, my plans to weave in and out of the working world with future pregnancies came to a grinding halt when that first little boy arrived.

And then another arrived.  Then another.  And another.

During the past few years, I’ve been continuously asked why I don’t have a blog.  Between part-time work at our family law firm and day-to-day management of four little boys, the idea was overwhelming.  Well, this week I decided it was time.  Time to focus on something that excites me.  Time to familiarize myself more with this intimidating world of social media that was virtually non-existent 10 years ago.  Time for post number one.

I start down this road with several intentions.  First and foremost, to share some of the beautiful clothing and accessories that come through my many feeds daily.  Secondly, to introduce you to some new labels I am currently loving.  Lastly, to share my favorite looks, trends and tips for wearing them.

I hope that you’ll find my ideas both informative and inspiring.





26 Replies to “You’ve Gotta Start Somewhere.”

  1. I am so happy for you & so excited!!! I still hear your voice when I’m shopping for items and getting ready for work, social engagements etc. Your consultation years ago was one of my all time favorite presents from Arch. Thank you for deciding to do this.


  2. Thank you for taking the time to do this Ally! I always wanted to be a client of yours back in the day, love your classic style always!


  3. I am so excited Ally! I would say 85% of my clothes come from ideas I get from fashion blogs I regularly follow. I can’t wait to include this one! Xoxo


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