The Five BEST Vests this Fall!

I LOVE vest season for two reasons:

  1.  It’s yet another layering piece that I can play around with.  Whether it’s under a jacket, over a blazer, with a turtleneck, oxford, belted… there are SO many options to choose from!
  2. It’s a way for me to comfortably wear skinny jeans and / or leggings (usually with tall boots) by choosing longer hemlines that cover the derriere / thigh region.

There are SO many different styles of vests available, all that appeal to a variety of lifestyles, body shapes and budgets.  Check out my first ever video for my five favorite styles, with examples of each (direct links below).  I hope YOU find your BEST VEST this fall!

  1. Vero Modo Faux Fur Vest (Lord & Taylor)
  2. LL Bean Military Style “Luna” Vest
  3. Lands End Ultralight Down Vest
  4. Barbour Quilted Vest (Orvis)
  5. Bagatelle Trench Vest (Bloomingdale’s)

Happy shopping!

XOXO, Ally


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