A “Short” Story: Top Spring Picks

Okay ladies, shorts season has arrived.  While some women are celebrating its arrival, others downright dread it.  Speaking from first-hand experience, shorts can be very difficult to fit for us vertically-challenged, not-so-long-and-lean-legged ladies.  But don’t get discouraged!  This season is full of shorts in various lengths, cuts and rise options… making it much easier than in years past to find the right fit for you.

Looking for a basic chino short?  I usually point women immediately to J.Crew since their chino shorts not only come in four different length and lots of great colors, but also have a bit of stretch.  Order a few different lengths and keep the one that works best.

One trend I am loving this season is the “easy fit”, pull-on short.  Offered in a variety of fun prints and flowing fabrics, these shorts are usually a bit roomier in the leg, flattering both skinnys and curvys alike.  I’m also loving the belted-waist short trend.  You’ll find these in varying lengths and fabrics.  If they’re pleated, be sure the pleats lie fairly flat at the belly and pair them with a fitted tee or top to avoid too much overall volume.

Here are some of my favorites this spring!  Details with links are below the photo.


  1. J.Crew Stretch Chino Shorts in Four Lengths
  2. MANGO Floral Print Shorts
  3. J.Crew Point Sur Seaside Short
  4. ZARA Palm Printed Shorts
  5. Madewell High-Rise Denim Shorts
  6. H&M Soft Drawstring Patterned Shorts
  7. H&M Long Floral Patterned Shorts
  8. Alice & Olivia (Bergdorf Goodman) High Waist Sailor Short 
  9. ZARA Retro Print Bermuda Shorts
  10. 1901 (Nordstrom) Pleated Twill Bow Shorts
  11. ZARA Contrasting Velvet Bermuda Shorts


Want a few more inches of leg in those shorts?  Pair them with a beige slip-in sandal like this.  Tried all these styles, lengths and tricks and still not thrilled with how you look in shorts?  You’re not alone.  I’ll share a secret, but keep it between you and me. It’s been well over two decades since I’ve worn a pair of shorts.  Perhaps this summer will be different?  Probably not.

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