12 “Must Have” Spring Dresses!

Ahhh, the warm weather is finally here and OH did it come suddenly!  I have a variety of plastic bins open, not knowing if it’s smart to do the FULL wardrobe transition quite yet.  However… the dress bin is now officially open for business!

I LOVE DRESSES.   For three main reasons:

1. Simplicity.  In case it’s not self-explanatory, you’ve got one choice to make.  No top/bottom nonsense.  (The same reason I love jumpsuits, covered in detail in a later post.)

2.  Versatility.  I love how I can take the same midi tank dress, wear it to the playground with my white Vans and oversized denim jacket, change out my jacket for a long linen blazer and caged heels, stack some bracelets and VOILA!  I have transitioned from day to night.  Of course, not ALL dresses are equally versatile.

3.  Breeziness.  We’re not there YET but I’m sure that you, too, dread anything clingy during the hottest of months and just want to wear a lightweight, cotton mumu.  Those months will be here before we know it.

Here are 12 great dress finds, ranging in silhouette, fabric, formality and price point.  Click on small photo below to scroll through the slide show, with details below thumbnails.


So… go ahead and DRESS UP!  Or DRESS DOWN!  I surely will be for the next many months.





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