Solutions to YOUR Style Struggles

Let’s start with one I’ve been getting for YEARS now:

“Winters here are so cold!  Can I wear pantyhose?”

Here’s my take on the whole pantyhose debate.  In this situation, I always think “WWOD”?  (What would Olivia [Palermo] do?)  Feel free to use your own personal fashion muse.  Would she wear beige-colored hose?  Probably not.  However, here are a few great alternatives:

  1. Tights are the most obvious option.  Pair them with some bejeweled flats or almond-toed higher heels and you can wear them to the dressiest of dinners.
  2. French dot hose.  I absolutely love these when worn with a basic black dress or skirt.  Add a patent leather heel and …. OOH LA LA!
  3. Fishnet.  Don’t be scared of fishnet.  It’s all about what you wear it with.  I frequently wear a smaller net weave in a flesh tone. Although they won’t give you much warmth, they will give you some additional coverage.